As team members including founders, we have been designing and implementing systems and software more than 20 years in defense industry. Our expertise and experience have been mainly gained in the fields of communication, radar, SAR, electronic warfare, avionic systems and embedded software. All of the members had worked for leading defense industry companies for many years.

We have significant experience in all aspects of analysis, requirements development, design, development, testing, integration, delivery and maintenance phases, mainly on system and software components in large scale defense projects.

While continuing to contribute to defense industry, we wish to expand into the commercial sector, utilizing our extensive defense industry experience. Defense projects require strong, robust and high reliability system design necessitating precise requirements. We aim to transfer this distinctive feature of defense projects to commercial ones as well.

By 2018, we decided to combine our abilities, which we perform at different platforms from time to time, to create greater synergy. We started up Altima Technology depending on the principle of “right analysis and the right system solution for better implementation” which is valid for almost all sectors.

Our Vision

To be a preferred solution provider of defense and commercial industry as being agile and expert for the production and on time delivery of high quality, reliable systems and software.

Our Mission

To provide complete solutions to our customers for systems and software engineering problems wihtin the shortest time, yet assuring robustness, high quality and sustainability.