We use many of the well known and widely used system/software development languages, methodologies, CASE tools, IDEs, real-time or other types of operating systems as needed by the project. Please click for the details.

Our system and software development life cycle process is ISO 12207 compliant. We generate complete and elaborate documentation following the MIL-STD-498 standard, thanks to our experience with the defense projects.

We are targeting CMMI Level 3 as soon as we collect the necessary evidences required for the appraisal.

Capabilities Detailed

We provide services via following tools and languages inhouse. Any other required capability, specific to a project is obtained from our expert partners. We handle all the coordination.

OOPC/C++VxWorks.net, QT PowerPC
MDDUMLIntegrityVisual StudioIntel
AssemblyFreeOSWindriver WorkbenchDSP
VHDLCode Composer Studio
Verilog Xilinx Vivado/ISE

Process Tools We Use

Project ManagementJira
Requirements ManagementTeam Foundation, DOORS
Task ManagementJira, SIM, Team Foundation
Version ManagementPVCS, Git, SVN
System/Software Analysis & DesignEnterprise Architect, Rhapsody, MATLAB, Simulink, …