Technology, System, Software Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for inhouse software teams, those are going to lead their software/integration projects themselves, by transfering experience, knowhow and technology. If requested, we also perform project management or control functions for all processes of inhouse or outhouse software/integration projects.

Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 Gap Analysis

In today’s world technology is improving with a tremendous speed. Many actions are taken just by a mouse click. Every organization should adopt their processes accordingly by performing Digital Transformation. Every organization should extend their AI capabilities each next day. Organizations should achieve fast data transfer capabilities between stakeholders. Data should be processed much more faster each next day. We provide consultancy servcices to out customers thru their digital transformation adventure. Let’s plan and apply your digital transformation too.

  • What is your organization’s status in terms of Industry 4.0?
  • What should you do to be Industry 4.0 compatible?
  • Which of your organization’s processes should be improved?
  • Do you need a digital tarnsformation, if yes what is the size/depth of your transformation?
  • In which order should you perform your transformation?
  • How can you minimize your loss during transformation?
  • How can you persuade your team to contribute transformation?
  • Can your digital transformation project fail?
  • What should you do for a succesfull digital transformation?

Let’s analyze your tasks and processes and define them. Lets transfer them to the world of automation. Use thechnology much more efficient, we’ll direct you how.