We develop high quality, customized embedded and application software in following areas:

  • Real time embedded software:
    • Platforms; PowerPC, Arm, Intel Processors, DSP, FPGA
    • Operating Systems; VxWorks, Linux, DSPBios, OS free
    • BSP (Board Support Package)
    • HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)
    • Drivers
  • Communication Protocol Stacks
  • System Control and Configuration Software
  • User Interface Software
  • Task Specific Aplication Software
  • Communication Equipment Audio and Data Accesory Support Software

Software Test

We perform acceptance tests on behalf of our customers who acquire implementation from third party companies for systems that we analyzed and developed requirements. We present test results in a well documented manner.

If requested, we also perform acceptance tests for projects those are fully anaylzed and developed by third party companies. In this case we ask for software acceptance test documents if exists or software requrements document. If software acceptance test documentation cannot be provided we perform our own analysis on the system and prepare this document prior to tests.