System Analysis and Requirements Development

Knowing that a correct functioning system depends firstly on accurate and comprehensive analysis, we have defined our main activity field as “analysis” and “requirements development”. These processes can be more important then “coding” and “testing” in medium and large-scale software projects. With the correct analysis and requirements development, you can achieve shorter project durations and lower cost.

Analysis and Requirements Development are critical activities that require experience. Our team has the experience to carry out these processes in the most effective way. Let’s analyze your system and processes with our team of experts and then:

  • Determine the most appropriate requirements for your platform.
  • Plan the implementation of the requirements we specify.
  • Turn your requirements to a brand new system or embed them to your existing system in a timely manner.
  • Analyze and adapt your changing requirements to your live system.

Our Process Steps:

Kick Off Meeting: This step is carried out with a meeting (may be an additional one takes place if necessary) with the Altima Project Coordinator, analysis team and customer representatives. During this meeting general information is taken about the customer’s problems.

Research: Kick Off Meeting is followed by more detailed studies and research with specialized workgroups where information and documentation about the customer’s problems or processes are gathered. Worldwide studies and technologies about the topic are investigated. The draft plan and budget of the customer problem solution is issued and reported for approval.

Analysis and Requirements Development: After approval of the report, AnaSys Project Coordinator and analysis team conducts detailed analysis on the functions of customer problem or processes of customer. Participation of the customer’s expert team is required where necessary. During Analysis phase customer requirements are derived. Derived requirements are recorded to the “requirement tracking tool”. This step continues iteratively.

Compilation of Results: After iterative Analysis and Requirement Development steps, system/software architecture and system/software requirements are well documented and presented to the customer.

Support and Maintenance: Any problem or bug in the system design is handled immediately. Analysis and Requirements Development studies for changing or newly added functionalities/processes are followed.